Frontier Optics warrants that allcatalog products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for aperiod of 90 days from the date of shipment. Frontier Optics guarantees itsproducts will meet specifications as stated in our catalog when properlyinstalled, operated and maintained.



Products ordered in error areallowed to return within 30 days of purchase if the products are returnedunopened and in original packaging. A 25% restocking fee may apply based upontime since purchase and quantity being returned. Credit will be issued onlyafter receipt of product and evaluation of condition (shipping charges are notrefundable).


If you receive items that have beendamaged during shipment, or find that your shipment is incomplete, pleasecontact us within 10 days for an immediate replacement. After 10 days, anadditional handling fee may be imposed.


In case you determine that aproduct or part is not made to our published specifications, Frontier Opticsmust receive notification within 30 days of receipt of the parts. Uponnotification, Frontier Optics will advise the customer of the best procedurefor replacing the parts. The customer must obtain RMA number before returningdiscrepant material.


Frontier Optics may choose toreturn items that have any visible damage or signs of tampering, at thecustomer’s expense.


Return MaterialAuthorization (RMA)

All products returned to FrontierOptics must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Returnauthorization requests can be made via email at Sales@frontier-optics.com regardingproblems with products or shipment from Frontier Optics.


Please have your purchase ordernumber, or our confirmation number available as proof of purchase when yourequest authorization for return. We will provide shipping instructions at thetime the RMA number is assigned.  Whenpossible, items should be returned in original packaging with all paperworkintact. The RMA number provided to you MUST be written on the outside of theshipping package for identification.


RMA numbers will remain active for30 days from the date of issue. Products must be returned to Frontier Opticsduring that time.

Returnshipping to be prepaid by the customer.




The listing prices do not includestate or local sales, duties, use, exercise or similar taxes. To avoid anyinconvenience, please supply us with a tax exemption certificate from yourstate. Otherwise we would have to charge those taxes to you.