One stop shop at Frontier Optics
One stop shop at Frontier Optics
One stop shop at Frontier Optics
Welcome to Frontier Optics, Inc.

Welcome to Frontier Optics, your best value, one-stop source for high quality optical components, dependable deliveries and exceptional support!

Frontier Optics, Inc. is one of North America’s premier suppliers of high quality optical components.

•Fast delivery of a wide range of standard catalog optical components
•Prototype and high volume fabrication and coating capabilities for virtually all optical materials used from the deep-UV to near-IR
•Spherical Lenses: Singlets, Doublets & Triplets
•Cylindrical Lenses
•Flats & Windows
•Prisms: Right Angle, Penta, Dove, Equilateral, Roof, & Retro-Reflectors
•Mirrors: Plano, Spherical, & Cylindrical

Frontier Optics has earned its enviable reputation by carefully choosing and developing long term relationships with one principal manufacturer as well a small number of other well established far eastern optical component manufacturers who provide excellent products and value. With their support, Frontier Optics provides North American customers with:

•The best value optical components:

◦Highest quality
◦Dependable deliveries with agility to respond quickly to delivery change requests
◦Competitive prices

•Honest and ethical dealings
•Dependable and prompt support - right here from the USA!